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Elegant Curiosities

Elegant Curiosities was founded in 2013 by the Dutch designer Laila Verseput. From styling for TV shows, videos and the MTV awards to designing a jewellery collection containing real wood from the RMS Titanic for “the National Geographic Channel provided artifact exhibition” in Netherlands and Belgium.

Laila uses history as an inspiration, reviving the beauty of the past, dwelling into forgotten fashion while giving it her own twist. The looks will have a retro but relevant vibe, sexy but classy, vintage but happening.

Besides being a designer Laila is also a makeup artist and stylist specialized in (male-to-female and female-to-male) gender transformations. On the runway she will display the beauty and the dominant side of femininity, not just in women, but also in men.

Displaying powerful sexy women and femininity in men.
“The domination of female beauty in fashion”.

The artist wants to show a sexy side of femininity while keeping it classy. Why are the pieces sexy? Because we are allowed to be sexy! Something that was not allowed in the past as Laila was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, where women should be modest and cover up their bodies. After leaving the religion Laila had feelings towards being gender fluid. After discovering that her female side was most dominant. Her passion became searching for her ideal vision of female beauty.

The collection incorporates some used vintage bits and pieces and real relics form the past. Such as silver found at the Atocha wreck to clothing fragments from old movie stars etcetera.

The pieces are designed for anyone who wants to express their femininity, people who want to stand out in something luxurious, unique and exclusive. Every piece of clothing is also a piece of jewellery. Just a few examples of what you can find on her designs: historical remnants, 24k hand gilded and silver-plated details, gemstones, fresh water pearls, sterling silver and 14k gold. All to give you the feeling that you are not just wearing a piece of clothing, but a jewel with its own story and inspiration.