Elegant Curiosities

Welcome to Elegant Curiosities

This is the home of the Dutch designer, Laila, where handmade items are created.
In January 2013 Elegant Curiosities was founded as a company.

Company name: Elegant Curiosities
Kvk (chamber of commerce):  56989806
PayPal: ElegantCuriosities@gmail.com
Bank Account:  (BIC) abnanl2a   –    (IBAN) nl77abna0492039046
Contact, E-mail: ElegantCuriosities@gmail.com
Website:  www.elegantcuriosities.com  
Etsy shop:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/elegantcuriosities
Shops: You can find Elegant Curiosities’ items on Etsy

Elegant Curiosities

Laila is a Dutch artist, who designs and handcrafts unique items. These are sold under her company’s name: Elegant Curiosities. From small simple items to large luxurious ones,

Elegant Curiosities is deemed to be very affordable. For inspiration, this artist looks at history.  Reviving the beauty of old, dwelling into forgotten fashion which then reincarnates into new items with her own twist.

Still in the spirit of not forgetting what passed away, Elegant Curiosities designed an entire collection for the National Geographic Channel presented Titanic artifact exhibition. First, in the Netherlands and later in Belgium too. There are to types of pendant exclusively available at Elegant Curiosities with a real piece of wood from the RMS Titanic. (These come with 9 pages info / certificate).

Apart from that, this artist also cooperates with music bands, equipping them with custom designs and providing them with band merchandise. (e.g. red carpet of the MTV ema awards for the leadsinger of the music band Kensington)
If you would like your own custom piece feel free to contact the artist, but keep in mind that there might be a waiting list.
Elegant Curiosities is a good place to find that special someone a unique gift or buy yourself a nice piece of jewelry or a big statement piece

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