Pendant with a real piece of wood from the rms TITANIC (as seen at the titanic artifact exhibition) (c) Elegant Curiosities, Titanic, Ship


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Pendant with real piece of wood from the RMS Titanic.
*As seen at the National geographic channel provided Titanic artifact exhibition in the Netherlands and Belgium.
*Now only available at the Elegant Curiosities etsy shop and Elegant Curiosities website.
At a special price.
* You will receive 9 pages info/certification.

>This wood was salvaged when chief officer James Adams was send out to recover bodies from the unfortunate victims of the Titanic.
There is still some for sale.. for 600 dollars per gram you can own a piece of titanic! This is a small fraction from some of the bigger pieces that I bought.
*The pieces of wood in the pendants differ in shape and size.

On picture nr 2 you can see the paperwork you will receive with this piece.

Metal: Silver plated. Nickel and Cadmium free metal.

The inner size of the setting is about 25x18mm. Including the bail this pendant is about 5.8cm. The chain is about 2mm wide. (if you prefer a specific lenght of chain please contact me).

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