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Elegant Curiosities

Interior decoration

Elegant Curiosities not only loves to celebrate forgotten fashion but also the beauty of styling or restoring spaces to their original beauty. Combining styles together to get the contemporary feel but still bring an ode to the Victorian, Art Deco or mid century glam style.

From color schemes to upholstery, many of options are available.

Besides helping with styling and finding out what works best for you in a day to day life Elegant Curiosities also makes unique statement pieces and conversation starters for your home, office or vacation get away etc.

If there is a specific piece that is in need of restoration this might also be something our designer can do for you. Restyling, refurbishing, making the piece work for you and your space or making a unique recurring pattern of fabrics and motives to good flow.

Elegant Curiosities loves to go out on the hunt to find that specific or whimsical piece that will put a mark on your space to make it a unique and well thought true space. Specialized in work from the Victorian, Art Deco and mid century glam styling.


Restoration before
Restoration after