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Elegant Curiosities
Vancouver Fashion Week 22 S/S


The pieces are designed for anyone who wants to express their femininity, people who want to stand out in something luxurious, unique and exclusive. Every piece of clothing is also a piece of jewelry. 

Just a few examples of what you can find on her designs: historical remnants, 24k hand gilded and silver-plated details, gemstones, freshwater pearls, sterling silver and 14k gold. All to give you the feeling that you are not just wearing a piece of clothing, but a jewel with its own story and inspiration.

the Runway Collection

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Designers health update

Unfortunately, our designer Laila needed to travel back to the Netherlands and was not able to attend the show in person. Vancouver Fashion Week did the show for Elegant Curiosities. We had to travel back due to needing medical help as she lost consciousness, she ended up in the emergency room while being in Vancouver and after arriving in the Netherlands she ended up in the ER in the Netherlands again. After that she got an echo and a few days later she went into surgery for an explant surgery.

For years she has felt sick already, gradually becoming worse and worse in the last year. The doctors could not find the cause. From weight loss, hair loss, muscle and joint pain, dizzy spells, heart rhythm problems, lymph nodes that get swollen, thyroid problems, and in beginning of 2021 they found thyroid antibodies pointing to the begin stage of Hashimoto’s disease.

Now we know what is causing many these symptoms. Her breast implants, these were taken of the market a few years ago because they are dangerous, toxic, can cause cancer and they leak ‘sweat’.

Laila is already seeing health improvements after her surgery. Our designer now wants to make a collection specifically for women with smaller breasts. But also wants to create awareness for the women and trans women who are thinking about taking the risk of getting implants and women who already have implants and are experiencing BII symptoms to check up with their doctors. We will design something beautiful to show, you can look and feel feminine ‘you don’t need large breasts to be feminine’. This was a hard lesson the designer had to experience herself. As we already showed with the collection this year, everybody can feel feminine it’s just the way you present yourself.

Laila is still recovering and it will take a while before she can start working full time again. There are already some projects in the making such as luxury feminine lounge wear. She started to work on this collection by involving a very talented tailor Jessie Roosenboom in this project.

Is Elegant Curiosities going to do another Fashion Week in the Future? We are sure planning on it., Vancouver Fashion Week offered Elegant Curiosities a new show. First, we are focussing on recovering and making some pieces for our web shop. Custom work requests will start again in January.

Keep you posted.